Personalized staff  professional development training. From general staff training, compliance training to leadership/management training. Your staff is your biggest asset, we can help you invest in them!

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Are you in need of some help but don’t have the budget to hire someone? We specialize in executive assisting, project  management, general office tasks, creativity & organizing, and  corporate/staff event planning.

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Whether you have defined a budget  for  employee wellness or not, we can assist you in the  development,   management and maintenance of a corporate wellness program. Give your staff the gift  of wellness!



Analysis and design of process’s that work best for your culture. Identify ways to “Narrow the front door to close the back”.  Workforce planning & analysis, recruitment process analysis & development, retention/turnover analysis and troubleshooting and more.



Because every project, contract and training is so unique, we ask that you contact us directly to develop a pricing/cost structure that works best for your budget. We are able to develop contracts that are billable by the hour, day, training or project. We can accommodate short and long term contracts as well. 

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Support of general Human Resource Management functions to include;

  • compensation & performance mgmt.,
  • forms/material development,        
  • employee relations & engagement, 
  • compliance 
  • strategic planning.